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i want this to be finished but i cant drawwww

what was supposed to be a quick de-stress doodle in between homework ended up being this mess… this paper isnt meant to take watercolor and i was a little heavy handed so it buckled a lot.

i also did this off the top of my head, no undersketch, no reference for faces, so if they don’t resemble their respective actors thats why

billyandhismultiples asked for more Billy like 1000 years ago and I finally finished him! That costume has gone through so many changes but I think this is the final version

Also have a bonus See-more in civvies (Seymour) for your patience


actually since i’m going to be on the train why dont you guys leave me doodle requests for tomorrow?

Casey and his baby sister

Shadow looks younger than i usually draw her here? Someone who knows what children actually look like needs to help me lmao
Also Casey’s hair is supposed to be tied up here idk if you can tell

Everything I draw feels stiff lately so I tried to loosen up with a little doodle of Angel for day 7 of girl power week

(WIP, I’ll post the finished version later)

*shows up an hour late of the deadline w bloody april*

happy girl power week, fandom

So I was super excited that IDW is having Angel take up the Nobody mantle, and the bad ass exosuit armor stuff they gave her. This is me taking a stab at an Angel/nobody for my own personal use. Idk about the comic context but my Angel wouldn’t have access to that kind of technology, she’s more of a DIY small scale vigilante. I don’t know if a civilian would really have access to this kind of riot gear but I like it, very practical and well suited to the fact that I imagine her main form of fighting is very up close and personal - her weapons of choice are a pair of knuckle dusters
She needs to have the full black mask signature to the Nobody look, and I was thinking about some kind of helmet. Initially I wanted a hood but I abuse hoods when it comes to design so I don’t know

All in all I like it but I’m conflicted because it seems a bit too professional for someone who went about slapping together vigilante gear from whatever they had around. Ideas?

Doodled some oc’s???

(they girlfriends)

I better wake up to a bunch of notes because I hate that thing but I spent so damn long on it ok

ugh okay the jonatello drawing is super smudgy and bad but im gonna post it anyway